• LIME Re-brand

    LIME Re-brand
    Welcome to the brand new LIME Distribution website, new logo fresh look and thinking about what has happened over the past 13 years, LIME has grown into a dominant force within the gaming space. LIME Distribution was one of the first places to stock Turtlebeach and we have been working with different and exciting partners ever since such as Dreamscreen, GFUEL, Astro Gaming, Collective Minds,...
  • Q4 Ramp Up - Expand your range

    Q4 Ramp Up - Expand your range
    With Christmas being one of the most important times for retailers and only coming once a year, ensuring you have everything your customers want is not an opportunity to be missed. Q4 retail can increase business by triple. The trick as a buyer or being someone with the responsibility of purchasing is knowing what brands and products to stock without being left with the products...
  • The ultimate background solution for streaming

    The ultimate background solution for streaming
    Large, cumbersome, hard to setup and not very portable, would be our way to describe most streaming background options available on the market.  Like us most streamers are travelling the world to various locations, events and lans, Web Around gives you the ability to maintain your channel consistency wherever you are. Setup in seconds and packed in a handy travel bag we can safely...
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