2018 Update

2018 Update

Lime Distribution has been in the peripherals business for over ten years. On top of being the distributor of over 25 peripherals and eSports brands. Sales director Jonathan Rose has had a front row seat to the evolution of the sector over the past few years, so we sat down with him to get his view on today’s market: 

“We’ve seen a shift from Xbox One to PS4 that has continued to grow throughout the begining of 2018 but now seems to be reaching a plateau, the consumer movement towards digital on software seems to be having a massive impact on the highstreet, but accessories for us are always consistent.”

“On top of an excellent 2017 in regards to sales, we have established some relationships with some extremely exciting products soon to hit the market."

To boost sales, events are always a good aid when it comes to the peripherals sector, but you do need to choose your partners wisely.

“We are extremely picky when it comes to events. As a distributor, retailer and brand representative, we always like to see good ROI. It’s good from a brand awareness perspective if a good strategy is there for consumers follow up.”

He concludes: “Generally we have always had good experiences from events and have key partnerships in place with Gfinity, ESL and EGX.”

Featured product: Strike Pack PS4

This adapter adds extra functions to any PS4 controller, including on-the-fly button mapping and the latest shooter mods, such as optimized rapid fire, fully adjustable rapid fire and many more.

Price: £44.99

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