Lime Distribution 2017 - Thanks to you!

Lime Distribution 2017 - Thanks to you!

Thanks to you, our customers who have made 2017 so great, we have once again enjoyed another awesome year with some exciting product releases and some interesting challenges but we have all worked together to make it quite the year! We wish all of you a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year! we look forward to working with all of our existing Customers and Vendors along with plenty of new ones in 2018.

Read on to relive some exciting moments of 2017 and some upcoming opportunities for 2018!


Freek here, Freek there, Freek everywhere!

We have seen some cool KontrolFreek releases this year, Destiny, Edge, Inferno and the Call of Duty World War 2 Freeks, Our MD (Chris) was driving tanks with Ali-A and TMARTN in Atlanta and KF continue to make pushes into other territories with the release of the Nintendo Switch Turbo Freeks. We have been updated there is some cool SKU's to look forward to in 2018.



No Butt Hurt!

We have partnered up with some cool manufacturers this year to bring gaming comfort to the next level. With RGB lighting, memory foam seats, fully adjustable in every conceivable way, comfort doesnt get any better than this.



DreamScreen just became a reality

When we first see DreamScreen we all wanted it as part of our gaming and movie setups, thats why we are extremely proud to be partnered with DreamScreen for launch into the UK of their 4k products in 2018. This visually stunning piece of kit transform your boring old TV non DreamScreen into a wonderous immersive experience that will have all your friends and family watching in jealousy. Product will land with us next week and will be available toall of our clients, some of you have it setup for pre-orders so will be glad toknow its almost here!



Fragging IRL launched and we are looking forward to the many updates that are coming to the game, MMO system, World battles. For those of you who received samples and are already battling away in the office thanks for your orders placed. Anyone who would like to receive samples please get in touch.



X-Gamer #roadtovictory

X-Gamer has been a runaway success this year, with the release of the new flavours Powacrush, Nightshade (our favourite) and Nukefusion this brand has been a fan and customer favourite for lots of you. New flavours coming out in 2018 so watch this space!



Astro brings pro quality to budget market

This year we see the A10 and A20 released to massive success, Astro dominated the above £200 market and have replicated this within the budget market. We have once again been unable to keep up with demand and Astro have been flying off the shelves!



Upgrade for less

Again not much needs to be said for StrikePack as this is one of our best selling products, an awesome little affordable upgrade that brings benefits seen with £150+ controllers such as SCUF or Xbox Elite. We love them, you love them and your customers love them. Viva La Strikepack!


See you next year!

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