LIME Re-brand

Welcome to the brand new LIME Distribution website, new logo fresh look and thinking about what has happened over the past 13 years, LIME has grown into a dominant force within the gaming space. LIME Distribution was one of the first places to stock Turtlebeach and we have been working with different and exciting partners ever since such as Dreamscreen, GFUEL, Astro Gaming, Collective Minds, Console Turner, Webaround and many more. 

We would like to introduce #LPG - which still stands for Lime Pro Gaming but allows us to completely refresh the brand and introduce some new products that fit alongside it. 

- FPS Aim Assist
- QuickDraw Trigger Attachment

Over the next few months we will be evolving our product offering and introducing new products to our arsenal, and we hope that you can support us along the way too, so if you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us - 

What else is new you say? We've also been working behind the scenes on our new website which has a completely fresh look with brand new functions to make your lives easier when buying from us. 

- An offer of the week
- Easier to use product page
- More payment options
- Category filters 
- Better search options
- Faster loading website
- Easier to use navigation 

So that's it for now, however, please do come by and say hi at our first event under #LPG at Insomnia 64 in April so and follow us on our social media channels for the latest offers, competitions and new product launches. 

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