Q4 Ramp Up - Expand your range

Q4 Ramp Up - Expand your range

With Christmas being one of the most important times for retailers and only coming once a year, ensuring you have everything your customers want is not an opportunity to be missed. Q4 retail can increase business by triple.

The trick as a buyer or being someone with the responsibility of purchasing is knowing what brands and products to stock without being left with the products you can't sell.

Easy ways to judge popular products is by looking at the social media following but not just the following as we all know followers and likes can be brought and paid for, the real way to tell a good following is engagement percentages, comments from real people, how many reviews have been left for products on various platforms?. These are all great ways to tell the real popularity of a brand and product.

With Lime carrying brands such as Astro Gaming, G-Fuel and KontrolFreek and a shared social media footprint of over 6 million consumers its clear their products are not only hugely popular but massively loved by their fanbase.

Astro Gaming

Twitter - 1,006,000 followers

Facebook - 225,432 followers

Instagram - 660,000 followers

Youtube - 71,215 followers



Twitter - 987,000 followers

Facebook - 451,568 followers

Instagram - 356,000 followers

Youtube - 242,389 followers



Twitter - 1,190,000 followers

Facebook - 123,738 followers

Instagram - 757,000 followers


Whilst some may call pro gaming products "niche" that niche represents a significant amount of consumers, revenue potential and a whole new customer base you were not necessarily accessing.

In addition to presenting your current customer base to new brands and products, they may already aspire to own or are already accessing the brand from one of your competitors. 

Every gamer thinks they are pro gamer and the accessories that give any beneficial advantage or an in-game edge to get to the top of the leaderboard is always a sure-fire consumer win.

With the lead up to Black Friday, new AAA games releases and Christmas around the corner, don't miss out on your opportunity to add value for your consumers, add revenue to your P&L and growth to your business.

Open an account or get in touch to discuss the brands we carry and a good range of products to test.


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