The ultimate background solution for streaming

Large, cumbersome, hard to setup and not very portable, would be our way to describe most streaming background options available on the market. 

Like us most streamers are travelling the world to various locations, events and lans, Web Around gives you the ability to maintain your channel consistency wherever you are. Setup in seconds and packed in a handy travel bag we can safely say Web Around Green Screen is the best and most versatile green screen on the market.

We like to test products to destruction before we add them to our catalogue. This is so we can confirm manufacturer claims, we are a diverse set of gamers in the office and if we get excited about a product we know you will most likely feel the same.

We took the Web Around for a spin (pun game strong) to give us the lowdown on one of the most up and coming brands and products.

Green screen backgrounds have become a must-have for most Twitch streamers. Getting one's personality out there often means getting one's face out to the public. But the idea isn't to do so at the expense of the actual gameplay that's being broadcast.

For those without a dedicated studio, the Webaround offers a handy compact solution. Think of something similar to a windshield sun shade, but repurposed to fit around any size chair. It's made with green fabric, allowing users a makeshift green screen that they can carry along with them anywhere. It's an elegant solution that can be used on-the-go and one that's friendly for amateur streamers. It doesn't even necessarily need to be used with live streams, since it proves valubale for post-production YouTube videos, as well.

Previously used for business purposes, in which users could purchase a blue or gray background version of the product, the green screen Webaround has found a good home with Twitch streamers and those that need a green screen solution on a budget. Assuming there's enough office space, it should go well with just about any setup. 

Not only great for streaming the Web Around is great for hotspot conferencing calls from home or whilst out. Maintain professionalism at all times with Web Around. Available in stock soon, register your interest with us to secure stock.

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